Thank You For A Terrific Year!

Thank you everyone for a terrific year in Grade 6! It’s been a pleasure working with all of you, and we wish all of the students a fantastic year in Grade 7!

Have a wonderful summer! Please note that the website will not be updated again until the end of August.

Aviva and Gina

2 thoughts on “Thank You For A Terrific Year!

  1. Say it isn’t so Ladies. Thank you for a great year. You both were responsible for laying down the foundations for our children’s future education. They will use those strategies time and time again by default. You taught them that there are multiple ways to solve their problems. You showed them, by example, that we may not always know the answer and that to ask for help is considered a strength, not a weakness. Job well done!
    Thanks, Tena

  2. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment and for all of your help and support throughout the year! It was such a pleasure to teach such a fantastic group of students, and we’re so proud of all that they’ve accomplished this year. Working together has really made a difference! These Grade 6’s will always be our first group of Grade 6’s, and we’re very thankful for what we know will be a lifetime of terrific memories!

    Have a fantastic summer!
    Aviva and Gina

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