Grade Newsletters, Calendars, and Assignments

Please note that we will not be updating this page again until the end of August. Have a great summer!

To view our calendar of class and school events, please click on this link. This calendar is updated regularly.

Board Calendars

Day 1-5 Calendar – 2012-2013 Day 1 to 5 Calendar

School Year Calendar (2012-2013) – Elementarycalendar2012-13 Final 2

2013-2014 Day 1-5 Calendar – 5 Day Elementary calendar2013-14

2013-2014 School Year Calendar – 2013_14_BoardCalendar Elementary

Monthly Grade Newsletters and Assignments

Newsletters will be posted here once a month. They will include important information about class and school activities. Curriculum topics will be highlighted in these monthly newsletters.

We will also post assignments here that students have received in class. Most of these assignments are in-school assignments, but having them here, allows students to access electronic copies from the website. You can also talk to your child about these assignments and what he/she is learning in class.

September Newsletter – September Newsletter 2012

Miss Dunsiger’s and Miss Bucciacchio’s Class Schedules – student schedules

October Newsletter – October Newsletter 2012

Updated Class Schedules For Miss Dunsiger and Miss Bucciacchio – new class timetables

Math Test Unit #1 Test Review For The Test On November 2nd – Number Sense and Numeration Math Success Criteria

November Newsletter – November Newsletter 2012

Quiz On Patterning (Chapter 1) on November 30th – Number Patterns Math Success Criteria

December Newsletter – December Newsletter 2012

January Newsletter – January Newsletter 2013

Updated Social Studies Assignment And Rubric For Evaluation (In-Class Assignment)first nations peoples assignment and Museum Day Rubric

February Newsletter – February Newsletter 2013

Quiz on Measurement (Unit 9) on February 14th – Measurement Math Success Criteria

Math Art Assignment (In-Class Assignment) – Math ArtProject Expectations

Genius Hour Project Information – genius-hour-activity-for-website  Planning-For-Genius-Hour reflection-on-genius-hour-projects

March Newsletter – March Newsletter 2013

Canada’s Trading Partners Assignment Information – trade-assignment Planning-Document-For-Trading-Project-Assignment

GeoArt Project – GeoArt Project

Our TLCP Big Idea, Learning Goal, Success Criteria, Bump It Up Wall, and Anchor Charts – Click here to view an online version of the information that is displayed in the classroom.

April Newsletter – April Newsletter 2013

Story Art Activity – Story Art Project

Math Logo Project – logo project outline

What Can You See? Point Of View Project – What Can You See

Teapot Project (Social Studies) – Teapot Project Design Challenge

Geometry Test Review (For the test on April 19th) – Geometry Math Success Criteria

Pencast On Major Topics For The Geometry Test

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Review Page With Links For The Geometry Test – Math Test Review

May Newsletter – May Newsletter 2013

Poetry and The Arts Assignment – Poetry and The Arts

Send Your Haiku To Mars (Assignment) – Send Your Haiku To Mars

Star Party Letter (For The Star Party On Thursday, May 16th) – star party letter

June Newsletter – June Newsletter 2013

Creating Communities: Math Project – Creating Communities

Quest2Matter Project – Quest2Matter

Famous Canadians Social Studies Project – A Famous Canadian

Play Day Challenge – Play Day Challenge

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