Formula Fridays

Please note that we will not be updating this page again until the end of August. Have a great summer!

Every Friday, students will bring home a math problem that is due the following Friday (unless there is a holiday or a PA Day, in which case, it will be due the following Thursday). These math problems will review the concepts taught in class, as well as align with the wording of math problems that students may encounter on the EQAO test. Our math problems will also be uploaded here for you to access as well as sent home weekly with your children.

Formula Fridays #1 – Formula Fridays 1

Formula Fridays #2 – Formula Fridays 2 – This activity involves prime and composite numbers. Students helped to create an anchor chart on these concepts today, but there’s also a great definition of both terms on page 46 of the math textbook that they should have at home.

Formula Friday #3 – Formula Fridays 3 – This activity involves the use of the factor tree. Today, we watched this video of the factor tree in class:

Here’s a pencast that also shows prime factorization:

Students can watch and listen to this entire pencast, or click on the part that they want to hear to find out more about that particular piece.

Formula Fridays #4 – Formula Fridays 4

Formula Fridays #5 – Formula Fridays 5

Formula Fridays #6 and #7 – Formula Fridays – Weeks 6 and 7

Formula Fridays #8 – Formula Fridays – Week 8

This Livescribe Pencast may help you with this homework activity:

Formula Fridays #9 – Formula Fridays – Weeks 9 (There are a couple of slightly modified versions of this activity that were given out to some students as well.)

This poster may help with this homework activity. There’s also this Divisibility Tricks video that Sam, a student in Miss Dunsiger’s class, shared with us. Thanks Sam! This video explanation is sure to be helpful as well.

Here’s a pencast too with a more detailed explanation of each rule, accompanied by examples. There’s even an application question included, and we hope that students will reply to this question here and share their thinking with us.

Formula Fridays #10 – Formula Fridays Week 10

These two video links may help with this activity: Video #1 and Video #2

Formula Fridays #11 – Formula Fridays Week 11

Formula Fridays #12 – Formula Fridays Week 12

This activity is all about broken line graphs. Here’s a simple definition of a broken line graph.

This video is a great review of how to create a line graph. We would recommend that students watch it before completing the homework.

Formula Friday activities will now be added to the website again. Thanks for your understanding during our brief hiatus. 

Formula Fridays #14 – Formula Fridays Week 14

Formula Fridays #15 – This week for Formula Fridays, we’re sending home an open-ended activity from Leaps and Bounds. Due to copyright, we cannot post the activity here, but if your child needs an extra copy of it, just let us know, and we can provide it. Thanks!

There will be no Formula Friday activity for the week of January 21st-25th because of the PA Day on Friday.

Formula Fridays #16 – Formula Fridays Week 16

Two short videos on determining the area of a parallelogram. The first one reviews the formula for the area of a square and rectangle as well. The second one (bottom one) also discusses the formula for the area of a parallelogram.

Formula Fridays #17 – Formula Fridays Week 17

With the Snow Day today, students do not have to do this Formula Fridays activity for homework, but it could be a good way for them to review for the upcoming Math Quiz (on February 14th). Below is a video, a screencast, and a pencast that students can use to review area and perimeter for the quiz. This video, screencast, and pencast might help with this Formula Friday activity as well (if your child chooses to complete it).

A student asked me (Aviva) a question today about how I could use the area to find the perimeter of a shape, and how I could use the perimeter to find the area of a shape. Here are two pencasts that might help. Thank you so much to this student that asked for help when she needed it, and now others can use these pencasts to get the help that they need too!
Formula Fridays #18 – Formula Fridays Week 18
Formula Fridays #19 – Formula Fridays Week 19
These anchor charts might help with the homework.
photo (3)

Formula Fridays #20 – Formula Fridays Week 20

Formula Fridays #21 – Formula Fridays Week 21

Formula Fridays #22 – Formula Fridays Week 22

Formula Fridays #23 – Formula Fridays Week 23

Formula Fridays #24 – Formula Fridays Week 24

Formula Fridays #25 – Formula Fridays Week 25 – Here’s an anchor chart that might help students with equivalent fractions: Finding Equivalent Fractions Anchor Chart

Formula Fridays #26 – Formula Fridays Week 26

Formula Fridays #27 – Formula Fridays Week 27

See the pencast below to help with the homework activity:

Formula Fridays #28 – Formula Fridays Week 28

Formula Fridays #29 – Formula Fridays Week 29

Formula Fridays #30 – Formula Fridays Week 30

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