Spelling, Spelling, and More Spelling

Please note that we will not be updating this page again until the end of August. Have a great summer!

This weekend (September 8th and 9th), we were looking over some writing assessments together, and we noticed that a number of students are struggling with spelling. In class, we’ll be addressing spelling through many of our “Word Work” activities, but if your child struggles with spelling words correctly, here are websites that are worth exploring:





Students can try using these words in their writing. They can create storybooks (both on paper or digitial ones on an iPod Touch or iPad) using these words. They can play board games with these words, or even use the words in their own word cloud. The possibilities are endless!

We both know that writing is about more than just spelling, but when spelling impedes on understanding written work, then it’s a problem. Your work on this at home will really help your children at school.

If you have any of your own spelling activity suggestions, please leave us a comment here and let us know. You can also email us (Gina Bucciacchio and Aviva Dunsiger). Thanks for your help with this!

Miss Bucciacchio and Miss Dunsiger

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