Thinking Thursdays

Please note that we will not be updating this page again until the end of August. Have a great summer!

A very special “thank you” to our principal, Mr. Clemens, for inspiring this new homework activity. You made us consider something new, and we appreciate it!

Reread the book, magazine, or newspaper article that you read for homework on Tuesday. Think about the discussion that you had at home with your parents and the discussion that you had in class with your peers. Start to consider the moral of the story or the deeper life lesson learned from what you read.

Be prepared to come into class tomorrow and talk and write about these morals and/or life lessons. You will be sharing your “words of wisdom” with the class on our student blog. We will be incorporating media literacy into this activity, as you use various tools and forms to share your thoughts with others.

Important NotesIf there is no school on Friday, students will do the follow-up activity on Monday. If there is no school on Friday or Monday, students will do the follow-up activity on Tuesday.

Also, you do not need to do any writing at home for this activity, but if you wish, you can bring in some notes of ideas to assist you with the in-class follow-up activity.

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